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本文摘要:3.Marks Wife Priscilla Chan Is Even More Private than He Is3.马克的妻子弗西亚·陈比马克还高调The irony of the couple at the heart of the biggest source of personal information in the world being extremely private is amusing, and even Zuckerberg and his wi


3.Marks Wife Priscilla Chan Is Even More Private than He Is3.马克的妻子弗西亚·陈比马克还高调The irony of the couple at the heart of the biggest source of personal information in the world being extremely private is amusing, and even Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, can see that. Chan recently gave one of her first and only interviews on The Today Show where she revealed a number of things about herself and her husband. Chan was a grade school teacher and is now a medical school graduate and hopes to become a pediatrician. She lives a very humble life considering she has been attached to one of the wealthiest and most controversial figures in tech for the last 13 years. Chans parents left their home country in a refugee boat seeking a better life for themselves and their future children, and she is the first in her family to graduate from college. Education is very important to her and she and Mark have announced that they are donated $120 million to improve Bay Area public schools. Priscilla admits that the couple want to have kids, but their busy lives mean that they will be putting it off for a while. Besides, they already have a child named Beast, a Hungarian sheepdog who has 1.8 million followers on Facebook and possibly even more hair. Priscilla jokes that Beast is Zuckerbergs number two priority after Facebook. She finds it strange that the public has so much curiosity about her because she is just the daughter of an immigrant family training to be a doctor, and that is how the people in her life treat her. She laments that it is sad that the public do not see her husband as she knows him, and Priscilla describes Mark as funny, thoughtful, sensitive and caring.这对夫妻想在个人信息最易泄漏的城市中心保留极为的个人隐私真是是可笑、嘲讽,而他们也意识到这一点了。陈最近上了《今日之秀》(The Today Show),这是她第一次也是唯一一次拒绝接受专访。在节目里,她透漏了关于她自己和马克的很多事情。






她感叹说道大家并没像她那样理解她的丈夫扎克伯格,她眼中的扎克伯格是一个有意思、有思想力、有点脆弱又很有爱心的男人。2.Facebook Is Buying up Innovation Left and Right2.脸书于是以四处出售创新Facebook does not just want to be a social networking site, instead Zuckerberg dreams of a one stop shop for all online communication and development. Zuckerberg recently bought Whatsapp, a major player in online mobile messaging, for $19 billion. If you have ever wondered how Facebook can suggest who to tag in your uploaded photos, thats because they also purchased facial recognition software Face.com for somewhere between $55 and $100 million. In the same year, Facebook bought the photo sharing Instagram for $1 billion. While the purchase was scoffed at because Instagram wasnt profitable, Zuckerberg reiterated his mission of providing an even better sharing experience. Facebook has also purchased location sharing services, advertising software, and other social media feeds including ConnectU. ConnectU is the platform created by the Winklevoss brothers and Facebook purchased it according to a court settlement for cash and a share in Facebook stock.脸书某种程度想要沦为一个社交网站,忽略,扎克伯格梦想把它打导致一个合适所有人网上交流、发展的一站式商店。扎克伯格最近耗资190亿美元并购了Whatsapp——一款主要用作智能手机之间通讯的应用软件。你想要告诉脸书是怎么构建圈人标记上载照片的功能的吗?这是因为他们大约花上了五千五百万到一亿美元并购了人脸识别软件——Face.com。

同年,脸书以10亿美元并购了照片共享软件——Instagram。这一并购决策遭了众人的取笑,因为Instagram并不盈利,但扎克伯格却再三反复特别强调他的愿景是获取一个更佳的经验交流平台。脸书还并购了方位共享服务、广告软件以及其他社交媒体订阅者,还包括 ConnectU。ConnectU 是温克里弗斯兄弟(Winklevoss brothers)创立的一个平台,脸书用法定承销资金及脸书的一部分股份换得了ConnectU。

Facebook also bought the virtual reality firm Oculus VR for $2 billion dollars. Zuckerberg hasnt announced a specific plan for this massive purchase and so the public will just have to use their imagination for now.脸书还斥资20亿美元并购了虚拟现实公司Oculus VR。扎克伯格并没发布详尽的大批量收购计划,因此意欲闻下文,就仅靠猜中喽。

1.Zuckerberg Does Not Want to Simply Change the Internet- He Wants to Bring It to the Whole World1.扎克伯格不仅想要转变互联网,他还想要把它推上全世界Zuckerberg built the prototype for Facebook.com in only one week, but he is going to take his time in changing the world. Zuckerberg wants to bring Internet access to the other two-thirds of the worlds population because only 2.7 billion people have access right now. Zuckerberg insists that the whole world should get in on the Internet because were missing out on the creativity and ingenuity of almost two thirds of the worlds population. Facebook is working with NASA on a new Connectivity Lab on Zuckerbergs latest mission which involves drones, satellites and even laser beams. Zuckerberg hasnt released a timeline yet for his massive project, but he has said that over the last year, 3 million people now have access to the Internet that didnt before in the countries of Paraguay and the Philippines. This venture, entitled Internet.org, is working with manufacturers of mobile internet device and technology companies to achieve the massive goal of bringing the Internet to the entire worlds population. Zuckerberg has even issued a call to arms to Google, with whom they compete for advertising space, saying that everyone should be participating in this coalition because a bigger Internet is better for everyone.扎克伯格一周内创建了脸书的原型,但是他将花上更加多的时间来转变世界。扎克伯格想要让世界上其他2/3的人口也认识互联网,因为现在互联网的用于人数只有27亿。

扎克伯格坚决指出整个世界都应当参予入互联网的世界,因为我们错失了世界上约2/3的人口的创造力。在扎克伯格的近期工作日程中,脸书会与美国国家航空航天局(NASA)合作,在新的网络实验室(Connectivity Lab)中对无人侦察机、卫星甚至激光束展开涉及的研究。扎克伯格并没发布这个可观的项目的运行时间,但是他透漏说道,去年巴拉圭(Paraguay)和菲律宾(Philippines)有数300万人开始认识互联网了。这个取名为Internet.org的牵头机构与移动互联网企业联手合作,预计构建一项根本性目标:向全人类推展普及互联网。


扎克伯格甚至向谷歌开战,与他们争夺战广告空间,声称每个人都不应重新加入这个联盟,因为互联网范围越广,对每个人就更加不利。Internet.org has recently come under fire for supposedly violating the idea of net neutrality. Zuckerberg says that programs like his can co-exist with net neutrality and that having some connectivity is better than having no connectivity at all. Net neutrality has been a hot button issue in the last few years. It is a movement against internet providers like Comcast, who want to charge more data to visit certain websites. This practice is seen as discriminatory and Zuckerberg will have to face it sooner or later or face the wrath of the 5 billion new people he has worked so hard to connect to the Internet.Internet.org最近因为违背网络中立原则而受到反击。扎克伯格回应,这个项目并不违反网络中立原则,企业牵头模式高于孤军奋战。过去几年,网络中立原则沦为一个热门话题。


Mark Zuckerberg is one of a number of young CEOs in Silicon Valley, but he is also one of the wealthiest and most controversial. He runs a company that provides a product that 1 billion people want to use, and that many people want to work at. His employees praise his egalitarian office structure but some lament the lack of organization in the young company. Facebook constantly surprises with new innovations and opened the gate for an entirely new use of the Internet. The man behind it is a private man but is described by those around him as a man with a big heart. Zuckerberg says that he created Facebook to be useful, not to be cool but it appears that he may have accomplished both.马克·扎克伯格是硅谷最年长、最富裕且最不具争议性的首席执行官(CEO)之一。他的公司运营的产品享有10亿用户,且许多人想要为他工作。他的员工都赞扬这家企业崇尚的公平理念,但同时也对其牢固的管理制度回应反感。